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Swap Your Ride


Miami Bike Exchange

Stop dealing with the hassle and uncertainty of selling your used bicycle. Online auctions and local listings are time consuming and often require multiple fees and charges . Bring your bicycle to Bike Tech and our Swap Your Ride specialist will take care of everything. Turn your used bike into cash with the Swap Your Ride program at Bike Tech. Trading and selling your bike has never been easier!

used_bikeStep 1 - Bring In Your Used Bike

When you bring in your bicycle, it will be fully inspected by our mechanic. We cannot give you a trade-in price over the phone because the physical inspection is very important to assess value.

All potential trade-ins must be 2008 models or newer and must be accompanied by your original receipt.

inspectionStep 2 - Get Your Bike Appraised

During the appraisal process we search for many factors that will tell us how much your bicycle is worth. We check factors such as the condition of the frame and components (such as brakes, shifters, chain, cassette, wheels), as well as the overall look of the bike. In order to give you a fair estimate, each bicycle is appraised based on a standard we've established.

checkStep 3 - Choose What to Do With Your Estimate

Once your appraisal is completed you will receive an estimated value for the bike. You may choose whether you would like to take that value in store merchandise (accessories, gear, components, etc.), or use your bike's trade-in value towards a new bike in the store.

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