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Ft. Lauderdale Staff

Kevin Neumann
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Bikes: Enduro Expert, A Camber 29, and A Pegoretti
Kevin's Bio: I started my cycle as a kid jumping a piece of plywood propped up on an old tire at the end of my block. Back then a bike meant freedom to explore. I was introduced to my first road bike by my father in the late 80’s, then got hooked on mountain biking in the early 90’s (Thanks James).  I started working in my first shop in 96’. In 2003 a serious cycling injury put me in a wheelchair for a year. In 2004 I returned to riding because I truly missed the freedom, and have been riding ever since. My two wheels have taken me from the local roads and parks, to “The Whole Enchilada” and beyond. I have now joined the team at Bike Tech to help you start, or continue your cycle.